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A voice for millions of people who don't have one of their own. 

:prose is the first sensory communication app where you can  "Swipe to Speak" on Smartstones Touch, iPhone, iPad and
Apple Watch, and soon you can
"Think to Speak" using an Emotiv
Insight or EPOC EEG headset.


:prose education

Are you a teacher, education technology specialist, speech therapist, or school administrator with students or clients who could benefit from sensory communication?

Sign up for :prose education, starting at just $9.99/month per student


:prose in the classroom

We're collaborating with special ed teachers, school districts and healthcare organizations around the United States to help people with communication challenges and disabilities express their most basic needs, and begin to develop greater independence and self expression. Download our first pilot report today:

Sensory communication for all.

Download :prose™ onto your iOS device and speak up to 37 phrases with a range of gestures, from simple taps to more complex gestures. Works on any iOS device and can speak dozens of language dialects for communication around the world. Get :prose and start speaking today!

Pocket the phone, swipe the stone.

Buy Touch™, and remotely control :prose from the palm of your hand. Great for people with limited mobility. Touch provides sensory feedback with light, vibration and sound. Set custom feedback patterns within :prose for each phrase in your gesture library.  :prose comes free with the purchase of the Touch remote.


:prose for education

With volume discounts for education customers, its easy to get :prose for everyone who needs it, without breaking the bank. If you think :prose could make a difference in the lives of people in your school or organization, get in touch with us and we'll get you set up with the right solution.

Think to Speak

With the revolutionary EEG headset technology created by Emotiv, we have enabled thought-to-speech technology that is affordable and easy for the first time ever. Get :prose and join our EEG beta community, and you'll be the first to Think to Speak. Also, receive a 5% discount on all headsets, courtesy of Emotiv.



"Smartstones :prose represents a departure from the pictogram approach."  

Jake Widman, Communications of the ACM


"The intuitive, ubiquitous nature of Smartstones :prose allows students almost 'effortless' opportunities to communicate."

Patrick Myers, Special Education Teacher


"“Because of :prose’s cutting edge in assistive technology, for the first time we were able to see a neural device empower communication for a nonverbal individual.”

Gil Trevino, Lead Direct Support Professional at PathPoint, Santa Barbara


“Emotiv is incredibly proud to be involved in the :prose program and to be providing the wearable EEG component. From the start our mission has been to advance our understanding of the human brain and to find ways to improve the human condition – especially for those facing adversity.” 

Nuri Djavit, EMOTIV Chief Marketing Officer


Unlock your mind with Think to Speak technology.

Get first access to a beta version of :prose that works with Emotiv Insight or EPOC/EPOC+ headsets, and get a 5% discount on all headsets. Smartstones will email you a 5% discount code prior to starting the beta.